Someone who spends so much time online that it becomes their whole world. Used to describe someone who speaks with a lot of internet vocabulary, uses meme references in everyday speech and is deeply ingrained with different subcultures of the internet.

Often used as a way of dismissing someone for getting angry on Twitter, especially when it's about something political.
"If you've been scrolling through my feed all morning and calling people racial slurs, I don't have time for you extremely online people, take a break."
by AlGetcha January 30, 2021
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Term used as a deflection and projection tactic by commies trying to dampen the backlash to their cultural rot and protect their perceived gains.
Bob: Mutilating children with surgery and hormones is evil and the people doing it should face a firing squad.

Alice:*animated gif of woman rolling eyes while sipping wine* you’re extremely online, touch grass, have sex incel, etc
by RedditorsAreMidwits March 1, 2023
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The chronically online version of "chronically online."
Basically, the politically correct way of saying that someone spends far too much time online, thus corrupting their brain with insane people with limited knowledge's takes on social issues instead of listening to people with real-world experience and/or education.
A: "No way that mf just said that it's offensive and non-inclusive to say "y'all" lmaoo, how chronically online do you have to be?"
B: "Errr… ACTUALLY, it's extremely online."
A: "Oh God, they got you, too."
by Updated Magic September 3, 2022
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