If someone tells you, "Don't let others define you," It's too late.
Y0U are the example
by Y0U. May 7, 2020
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An amazing tiktok group, these people have a dreamcore account with l33t, or leet as a main presence, they have s discord and a big family, with the 2 fathers Shuichi and kokichi
w3.l0v3.y0u is pog
by Katlantic April 11, 2021
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A amazing and funny person. They can be Wild at times😀
w3.l0v3.y0u loves D A N G A N R O N P A (and Shuichi Saihara)
by w3.l0v3.y0u April 11, 2021
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a group of really cool people that give serotonin and possibly a laugh. not always comfort, sometimes random things, but it’s danganronpa related so it’s cool anyways.
w3.l0v3.y0u Pretty cool ngl u should watch their tiktok 😎
by T04ST April 11, 2021
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Now known as c3.cottoncandy or c3simp, w3.l0v3.y0u is, or was a dreamcore-themed account with his only goal being to make people feel not only happy, but safe. They use they/he pronouns.
Damn, I kinda miss w3.l0v3.y0u”
by c3.cottoncandy <3 December 12, 2021
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