1. When a guy does the opposite of the "bros before hoes" rule.
2. A guy who leaves his buddies to chill with his girl.
"Alex is pussy-whipped, man. Sarah's always got him hoes before bros."
by msizzle88 September 25, 2007
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Leaving your friends to get some with your girl and/or random girls
dude where did carl go?
he left with that random hoe.
so you mean this nigga left us at this shitty movie?
yeah dude.
Hoes before bros? thats fucked up.
by shaved arms May 15, 2010
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a rule that tell girls to chill with there friends instead of going to hang with thier boyfrend

-by giselle-
nicole: r u hanging us today?
pat: no me and my boyfriend r going to the movies today
nicole: what happened to hoes before bros?
by Giselle :D February 20, 2008
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The acknowledgement that while a male friend's companionship is in many ways superior to that of a girlfriend, one must spend time with the girlfriend because she provides you with sex with a woman.
Could also be called: Dates before Mates
"Dude, I know we arranged to meet, but my girl really wants to go out."
"Understood, man. Hoes before bros."
"Hoes before bros."
by The Pita June 13, 2013
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Rules for girls, don't ditch your friends to get the boy you like. Or if two girls like the same boy, they don't fight over him.
Sisters before misters, hoes before bros, chicks before dicks etc!
Girl #1: I like him so much
Girl #2: I do too!
Girl #1: Hey! Hoes before broes, let's not take him any of us, cause that will just split us!
Girl #2: That's going to be hard, but I agree, sisters before misters, hoes before bros! I don't wanna lose you!
Girl #1: He's not worth a fight between us! Friendships always last longer!
by Aprilforevar June 25, 2011
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When a male prioritizes a hoe before the bros.
The boys: Noah wanna hang out
Noah: Can’t Victoria needs my math homework
The boys: You need to get your Hoes Before Bros Disorder checked out
by XxxFatacionXxx October 4, 2019
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When one of your best buddies decides to ditch you and your friends for this new girl whom he just met, but can't seem to ever leave her or even want to.
"Hey man I haven't heard from you in a while. Why don't we get the crew together and hit the bar tonight?"
--"IDK dude I just met this girl a few days ago and she's perfect, I can't find one fault about her!"

"Well keep looking! If you let her know how you feel this soon she will control you and you'll be whipped."
--"Nah not this one, she is different, we are equals in this relationship and she is my dream girl!"

"Ah sounds to me like your choosing new hoes before old bros! Have fun with that!"
by Urban Hiptionary May 23, 2013
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