92 definitions by Uncle Joosie

frothy excitement from fake conservatives when nutbags get nominated to SCOTUS
Carla was watching CNN and saw Orange Twitler Donald Trump nominate Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS. "Fuck all this shit with Amy Foamy Barrett. George Carlin was right about pro-lifers being fake as fuck and all they want is to get excited that their Jesus is gonna come back to life"
by Uncle Joosie September 27, 2020
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In a fit of Trump-related rage you write a perfect tweet and then Angry Tap the send button.
Carl was so pissed at Trump about revoking DACA that he opened twitter, wrote a joke and angry tapped the Tweet button.
by Uncle Joosie February 05, 2018
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Hidden hemorrhoids that haven't dropped yet
Timmy's butthole was feeling quite itchy and aggravated when he woke up on Sunday. He turned to wife Sally and said "ugh I have Lurking Piles from all that pizza we ate this weekend; hoping those 'roids drop soon so I can get over it"
by Uncle Joosie November 30, 2020
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horrified Zoom attendees forced to watch Jeff Toobin jerk off
Jane attended virtual staff meeting on Zoom and noticed a strange action happening in one of the boxes. Just then she spotted Jeffrey Toobin massaging his trouser snake and was about to reach climax. "OMFG did you see that?" she texted her work pal. "We just got Me Toobin'ed! Gross!"
by Uncle Joosie October 20, 2020
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floating debris of Naomi Wolf's former Twitter TL
anti-vaxxer, dangerous loon and doctor of philosophy Naomi Wolf got too crazy even for Twitter and she was banned, her timeline reduced to Nanopatticles... which was also a dopey word she tweeted once
by Uncle Joosie June 05, 2021
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your neighbor's all-caps alert on NextDoor app
when Carol's phone buzzed with an urgent alert she eye-rolled cuz it was another hysterical post from Carl. "there's our Nervous NextDoor Nancy hearing gunfire again" she welped.
by Uncle Joosie January 21, 2020
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Donald Trump trying to say "Mike Pence" while high on Adderall
Fat Orange Nixon slowly listed off a group of GOP complicit traitors attending a recent meeting and mangled First Lady Mike Pence's name. "Chuck Grassley was there; Joni Ernst and John Thune; and Mike Pounds. Just a whole group of great people."
by Uncle Joosie February 16, 2020
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