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A chick that hangs around the fire stations trying to get laid by firefighters.
That chick is always at the fire station trying to fuck all the dudes.
Yeah she is station #16's Dalmatian.
by Firedawg29445 March 25, 2017
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The proper way to spell Dalmatian which is a white dog with black or liver colored spots. Often misspelled as dalmation.
My Dalmatian, Morgan, had spots around her eyes that made her look like the perpetual "victim."

A Dalmatian named Buddy just won the Best in Show award.

"That Dalmatian is so inbred it can hardly stand up!" - Homer Simpson
by Lucille Bald April 13, 2006
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Dalmatian is a new up and coming Korean boy band. Dalmatian is made up of INATI (Dalmatian's leader), Day Day (Dalmatian's rapper), DARI (Dalmatian's rapper), JISU (Dalmatian's Vocal), DRAMA (Dalmatian's Vocal), and YOUNG WON (Dalmatian Vocal). They made their debut on September 2 2010 under MC Mong's Monkey Funch Entertainment. Their first single and music video is called Round 1. They debuted their music video on August 25 on Mnet. Their music genre are pop and dance.
"OMIGOSH!" Dalmatian is the awesomest rookie KPOP boy group ever! I lovee INATI-Oppa, Day-Day-Oppa, DARI-Oppa, JISU-Oppa, DRAMA-Oppa, and Young Won-Oppa! Dalmation FIGHTING & HWAITING! <3333 I love their new song Round 1! I can't wait to see how successful they are!"
by shinee_SUJU_xDPANDA December 08, 2010
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a person who, like a ginger, is covered in freckles. unlike a ginger, however, dalmatians can be of any skin color/hair color, so long as the majority of their body is covered in spots.

like the dog, dalmatians come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are alike.
Dude, which dalmatian do you want? They're both hot, but at least the tall one has a clearing on her arm.
by mehmehrightmeow June 01, 2010
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A white person who has spots of black in them. Instead of an uh-oh oreo where a person is all black on the inside.
"She's a Dalmatian. She may look all white but she's got the attitude of a black woman"
by xxrawrxx May 15, 2008
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