An attempt to communicate with the dead.
We told our pastor that we were going to consult a medium in order to visit with our deceased Johnny via a seance, but Rev. Zombiegone said, "Communication with the dead is not possible."
by Rev. Zobiegone May 26, 2009
The eerie feeling you get while masturbating that all your dead relatives are looking down on you in disgust.
I started jerking off to this porno but then I had a wank seance and suddenly lost the urge.
by Eminem October 14, 2003
When you get kicked in the balls so hard that the ghosts of your ancestors show up invisibly, clutching their nuts and wailing, bemoaning that they lived and died in vain, since their lineage ends here.
The legendary nutslam Stacy gave him was so powerful it reverberated through the ages, up through his male lineage. The ghosts of his ancestors were writhing around on the floor, invisibly cradling their ghost-balls. His dead great-grandmother was clutching her bosom, silently wailing, how could someone do this to her little bambino?!
The dreaded ball-seance of the ball-damned.
by BallbustingStacy May 30, 2020
a group of gods who hate everything and everyone. they call everyone they meet slurs, like men, make out, and be transgender
man 1: have you heard of kin seance?
man 2: oh, you mean the super mysterious god gang? Yes, i wish i could join.
by kinseancefan123 November 10, 2020
When you prepare Ghost Butter by consuming pineapple and ghost peppers, also commonly done before initiating Astral Procumtion.
Bro I just did a sticky seance and I'm ready to make ghost butter
by The butter man January 14, 2020
The person that you are trying to communicate with during a seance.
When the medium came over, the very rich and very dead, Uncle Jack, was the seancee.
by Guido1 July 13, 2009
An unusual tradition where friends gather together in a poorly lit pantry with candles to cry and conduct a seance together. The presence of crying often serves to replace the Ouija board.
She had to get rid of her pantry after that intense seance-cry sesh.
by Banana Blues April 16, 2019