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I went over to Amanda's apartment last night and thing got really locus really quick.
by Udy August 14, 2007
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This can be used when ejaculating on a girl's neck and putting a blanket on it (see other definitions), but is also used to describe when you really fuck someone up bad, like when you seriously just embarrass their sorry ass. Not necessarily hurting them or beating them up, but just kicking their ass at something. This is used frequently in sports, especially basketball. Like if someone does a psick crossover dribble and the defender falls to the ground trying to keep up and has to watch their man slam it down hard. That guy just supermanned dat ho.
Stud 1: Did you see the Jazz game last night? Deron Williams had a locus dribble around Chris Paul and threw that shit down right in Tyson Chandler's grill!!!!

Stud 2: Ya, D-Will is always able to superman dat ho.
by Udy March 5, 2008
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When using the word sick to mean something cool, exciting, awesome, or extreme, this is the proper way to spell it. Compare to how the word phat is used and spelled differently than its predecessor, fat.
That was a psick hit you put on the QB in yesterday's game.
by Udy August 20, 2007
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Referring to one who is obsessed with Barack Obama, or one who just realizes how great a president he will be and plans on voting for him in the upcoming election. It is good to be an obamaniac or be associated with obamania in any way, shape, or form.
George: So do you know who you're voting for in the next presidential election?

Jorge: Why Barack Obama of course! His policies are great, he refuses to accept money from lobbyists, and he promotes change! I'm a full blown obamaniac!
by Udy March 17, 2008
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When a person vigorously shakes a slurpee up and down in a masturbating motion in order to move the delicious slurpee product into a position that can be more easily sucked up by a straw. Usually this action is performed when there is mostly ice left and every time you suck the slurpee product does not fill in the air pocket created.
I really wanted the last bit of my slurpee, so I had to jack the slurp every few seconds to keep it coming up the straw.
by Udy October 16, 2008
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A sexual maneuver in which a you put your hand in a woman's vagina like you're going to dunk and you end up smelling her tits also.

Best attempted when both parties involved are drunk.
Joe: You and Victoria got pretty hammered last night. What were you doing in the bedroom?

Ralph: I pulled the carmello on her. That shit was tight!
by Udy April 28, 2008
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1. Food eaten by college students, typically freshman, who live in residence halls or dormitories. This food is usually pretty shitty and the students only eat it because it comes free with living on campus.

2. Shitty food in general. Any type of food that is cheap, tastes bad, and/or is rarely preferred.
1. Student 1: You want to go to Burger King after class to chow down on some delicious cheeseburgers?

Student 2: No, dude, I'm broke, I'll probably just grab some dorm food later.

Student 1: Nasty!!!

2. Guy 1: So what'd you have for dinner last night?

Guy 2: IDK, my wife made this dorm food from scratch, it was pretty bad.
by Udy April 3, 2008
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