when your gal not too tidy below the belt line.
Bill: Hey honey, how about a good soak in the tub ?

Julie: No I'm all good, been sitting on a heated car seat all the way home after a long day's work.

Bill: Catch you tomorrow then when you take care of business.
by cut the cards November 26, 2022
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A man’s way of saying to his girlfriend or someone else that he wants or is going to masturbate.
Hey babe, wanna help me take care of business tonight?
by mr. daddy smack August 10, 2019
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Masturbation primarily for maintenance and not necessarily for self gratification. Without it, one may not think clearly, act rationally, or make the best decisions around the opposite sex.

Much like clearing bats out of the belfry.
Brian: I screwed up last night with Karen. I was off my game.

Simon: 'Cause you weren't thinking dude, all you wanted was to get laid.

Brian: Huh. Really?

Simon: Next time, take care of business before seeing Karen.
by MuffyDev August 7, 2010
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When a woman that wants to have crazy sex with you but she lives to far away. By taking care of business you travel to the woman's location and fuck the shit out of her.
George lived 2 hours away from Jill (a girl he met at college) and Jill really wants to have sex with George. George decides to take work off so he can go "taking care of business" and travel the 2 hours to fuck Jill.
by brendonb87 May 16, 2011
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