28 definition by Tyson

illegal spic named danny
danny you stupid sklever go get dry humped by mike tyson
by Tyson December 05, 2004

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1. A shortlived music encoding standard that preceded mp3's
2. Acronym for m p 2
Sheesh this mp2 player is worthless!!
by tyson January 29, 2003

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Adj, useb to accentuate one's idiocy and general level of randonimity.
Hey Rob, whats up with you being a Nibbs?
by Tyson August 28, 2003

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adj:to be excesivly cool,like cheese.. only better
"Your mom is scopacious!"
"Scopacious!! I just hit that old lady, ten points for me!"
by tyson November 01, 2003

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1.One who forgoes food and necessity, to buy Expensive Items, often with little or no real value or use.

2. One who pays a premium price for items only to sell them later at a drastically reduced rate.

1.I wish I could afford these tacos, but I am such a netting I just blew my paycheck on this gieger counter.

2.I purchased these speakers at such a good price, that salesman was a total netting.
by Tyson January 27, 2003

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1. Prone to violent outbursts. The offensiveness of said outburst often adapts to the situation.
2. Having an unnatural attraction to Asian Women.
1. What a chrigu, why does he even go to gay bars if he's just going to get upset about the parking !
2. Flying all the way to san francisco just to ogle women, I don't know, theres just something chrigu about it.
by Tyson January 27, 2003

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everything like good betterhead
see that girl her body looking good bet she is a betterhead
by tyson March 23, 2004

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