28 definitions by Tyson

1.One who forgoes food and necessity, to buy seless Items, often with little or no real value or use.
2. One who pays a premium price for items only to sell them later at a drastically reduced rate.
1.I wish I could afford these tacos, but I am such a netting I just blew my paycheck on this gieger counter.

2.I purchased these speakers at such a good price, that salesman was a total netting.
by Tyson January 27, 2003
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to have extreme tunnel vision and be unable to see anything unless it's directly in front of him
scott has tunnel vision
by Tyson April 07, 2003
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Adj, useb to accentuate one's idiocy and general level of randonimity.
Hey Rob, whats up with you being a Nibbs?
by Tyson August 28, 2003
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mike savage's alter ego name. the atrocious spelling is intentional
hey look! it's kewl Mik
by Tyson May 02, 2003
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1. A non-existent word, used by the President of the United States, G.W.Bush in his 2003 state of the union address. He likely meant to say Fascism.
Hitlerism, thats not even a word man!
by tyson January 28, 2003
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To sign in to Messenger, or to be known as Holmes is to be Holmesified
Tyson and Chris became Holmesified
by Tyson April 07, 2003
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Fat girl who calls other people fat, talks about all of her friends, and accuses random people of deleting her livejournals and hacking into her Hotmail accounts. She's also very annoying and loud, and like to say "Yo mama." She thinks she's cute, but she's really not.
Friend: I thought you liked cheese.
Stumpf: Yo mama like cheese!
Friend: Shut up Stumpf. No one likes you.
Stumpf: *Gigglegiggle* You're so funny, friend!
by Tyson April 24, 2005
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