A beautiful Bi-Polar woman. She will love you unconditionally one minute and hate you with extreme passion another. She will love you for a green card and leave you for an illegal alien. An angel and a demon trapped in one beautiful woman who will capture your heart and then smash into a million pieces.
Willy: That girl is so sweet.
Ronald: Proceed with patience and caution; she is a Jeny.
by Barry B. Gay October 30, 2010
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A bi-polar woman. She will love you unconditionally in the morning and hate you with passion in the afternoon. Jeny will always think the worst of you and accuse you of evil and deviant things with absolutely no basis. Jeny will love you for a green card and leave you for an illegal alien.
Q: Would you marry her
A: No, she's a Jeny
by Juan Fransisco October 29, 2010
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The most amazing person you will ever meet in your entire life. She is so insightful and sweet and caring and intelligent and creative and artistic and beautiful beyond measure both inside and out. If you find Jeni never let her go because she will always be by your side.
Person 1. Who's that?
Person 2. Oh that's Jeni uwu
by dumbassjuggalette January 23, 2019
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a beautiful bright human being, that makes anybody's heart melt in a millisecond. she will rule the world with that beauty of hers and grace.
"have you seen that girl jenie? she is to die for."
by whereareyourpants December 28, 2009
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Simply one of the greatest things to have in ones life. A girl beyond measure, caring, loving, beautiful, unquestionably unique and much much more. As rare as the most precious mineral, but worth millions of times said mineral.

P.S A huge love for Mini Coopers
Person 1: "Who is that amazing being?"

Lucky guy: "Thats my Jeni"
by kingtuter March 31, 2011
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the Erect part of your jeans when you are sitting down
Her jenis was so big I might just have to smash later on.
by 42069hentaidaddy December 15, 2019
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