27 definitions by tyson

sleepie is da shit nikkahs, better not start shit b4 he fuck ur ass up, he be reppen 626 wit his homeboiz n homegirlz homiez, fuck wit him u fuck wit all, he also luvz his bby girl for all eternity
sleepie is godly nikkahs =
by tyson December 31, 2005
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Adj, useb to accentuate one's idiocy and general level of randonimity.
Hey Rob, whats up with you being a Nibbs?
by tyson August 28, 2003
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Damn, she needs to check herself into rehab and stop sucking on that glassdick.
by tyson April 2, 2003
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The art of dozing in and out of consiousness. usually done before and after midkiffing
Guys I am gonna grab a nap before we go take the roast beef challenge
by tyson January 28, 2003
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To sign in to Messenger, or to be known as Holmes is to be Holmesified
Tyson and Chris became Holmesified
by tyson April 7, 2003
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danny you stupid sklever go get dry humped by mike tyson
by tyson December 6, 2004
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