1. Dammmmmn

2. oh my god
Ex. when a girl walks by with a phat ass ... Sheesh
by Ugly_God_09 April 24, 2017
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*frog is on screen*

Me n the boys:
Sheesh that boy love the water
by King julio April 4, 2021
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A very flexible interjection used in many situations, but especially when either:

1. Another person explodes of anger, right in your face.

2. When you're really, really bored of something, or just bored in general.

A variation of sheesh is geez
1. Sheesh, stop yelling in my face. Just calm down.

2. Sheesh, this is so boring.
by I'm not Batman February 21, 2012
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Sheesh is an expression when you’re impressed or amazed by something.

First started being used in Oakland, ca
sheesh! He just got 5 kills on call of duty , he’s a pro “
by .XXBABYXX. March 28, 2021
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Sheesh, that man is goated at fortnite my guy
by Dababy123 May 5, 2021
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Sheesh a word used when coming in contact with something so amazing it knocks ye fucking socks off.

Usually used to describe children and small pets such as ferrets.

Can sometimes also be used as a racial sign against small pasty white chubby children.
Requice"Look at my pasty fat child"
The whole fuckin street " SHEESH, SHEEEEEEEESH"
by 69dankclit69 January 5, 2021
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