A measurement of time used to describe the average duration of teenage friendships and romantic involvements. Usually denotes a time period of between 2 weeks and 3 months.
-OMG, we will be BFFs 4ever!

-Ily 4ever boi!

ily bff
by Kiwime April 29, 2013
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lit. forever

A measure of duration.

syn. without end, infinitely, unceasingly
1) Best friends 4ever!
2) A: How long will this crappy war last?
B: Possibly 4ever?
by Victor U. June 13, 2007
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lit. hate you forever

from h8 (hate) and 4ever (forever). A statement used to express distaste for a given thing. Severity of distaste is generally superficial but the term maybe used to cushion a serious underlying hatred.
A: "Did you hear that eBay bought Stumbleupon?"
B: "Yes. h8chu 4ever eBay."
by Victor U. June 13, 2007
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a promise of love between two people in a commited relationship that they will hold each other close in their hearts and not let go of each other.
guy: "will you still love me tomorrow?"
girl: " of course."
guy: " how about the day after?"
girl: " i'll love you 4ever and always!"
by love_is_the_way November 28, 2009
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“Hip Hop 4ever” is a promo single released by New York City Hip Hop artist/rapper Final Outlaw. The song is becoming very popular and continues to grow into an international movement. A music video directed by Janelle Ryan (The Janelle Show) was made for the song. So far the song/video has been honored by MTV Europe, Ralph McDaniel's legendary Video Music Box on NYCTV, End of the Weak’s first annual Eodub awards as “Strongest song”, and most of the major Hip Hop trend setting websites and blogs. Final Outlaw is often dubbed "Mister Hip Hop Forever" by fans and supporters.
The crowd chanted "Hip Hop 4ever" during Final Outlaw's performance at Madison Square Garden.
by SMJournal March 23, 2009
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trUe lOvE WAiTs...wHeN DeR Is PaTiEnCe dEr Is lOvE WhErE DeR Is lOvE It HaS 2 B IvAn nD If u fINd iVaN U MIgHt aS wElL finD VaNesA BY HIs sIdE!IlY BbY

PS:AlL i dO 4 U 2 ShOw u hoW MUcH I LovE U! hAHa!!! aWw bBY uR ThE bEst thINg dAt HaPpEnEd in mY LiFe Nd u CaMe INtO My hEArT WiThoUt eVeN knOCkIN BUt dNt wOrRy cuZ Da DoOr Was oPeN CUz iT WAs YOU!,,,,I lOvE YOU VeRy muCh!....
-nAy-nA <333 (:
trUe lOvE WAiTs....eVeN If ItS 4eVeR...(:

-I WiLl waIt 4EvEr iF I hAvE 2!

TRuE LoVeaLwaYs&4EvEr <333
by MrS.RoDRiGUeZ (: March 31, 2010
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