when in t9 you type fuck.
it comes out as dual.
so another way to say fuck.
wow man, i'm tired as dual.
by tifffanylynnx July 11, 2008
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A second account created by a message board user for the purpose of posting more or less anonymously, or to defeat a posting ban that has been placed on that user's primary account.

Also called a sock puppet
Message board poster: Why did you ban Numero Uno? Did he pwn your ass one to many times?

Message board admin: Suck it, dual
by For Whom the Bell Trolls May 24, 2009
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A secret word discovered from the calendar of the Mayans. The Mayans were known as the indigenous people of southeastern Mexico. The true meaning of the word 'dual' is unknown but it is said that only the people who can use this secret terminology are the people who have said to have been an important figure in a previous life. if you ever come across a person speaking this secret language, you will have discovered a huge influential figure from our past, and the new life they live will lead them to similar opportunities in making history in todays world.
Dick: "What did you do today?"
John: "Not a lot really. Just had a quick dual."


Dick: "Hey John can you please dual me?"
John: "Sure dude. I'll just go dual the dishes and I'll come back."
by fishlikepsycology June 21, 2011
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To engage in a one on one robotic slowmotion style combat, usually between two good friends, or sometimes to use to capture the honor of an oponent.
Me vs Bill.
Joe challenged Bill to a dual, so they displayed a fundamentally sound dual to the rooks.
Joe: "Set!"
Bill: "Aya!"
by Me n Bill Jopac December 12, 2005
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when something or someone is crazy, sick, fucked up, ugly, cool, exciting, unbelievable
Steve says: Yo, he just gave that old guy a weggie.
Ryan: For real?
Steve: Yeah, son.
Ryan: Oh, yo that'a dual.
by R 'n' R January 19, 2009
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Someone who contradicts their spirit in an impressive fashion.
Filipino raver: 'Dionysus is cool!'
Crackhead: 'Dude, upgrade your spirit and quit being such a dual.'
by MC Impious October 30, 2008
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Slang term for Dual Highway in Hagerstown, MD. A place where congregations form on the weekend evenings usually involving cars and provides the pre-party to jump start some later gatherings. Some meet to stage ridiculous "races" on the dual lanes although this proves to be difficult quite often as others are out "crusing the dual" completeing endless circuts beginning at either Burger King or McDonald's and continuing to just past the I-70 junction and then turning around and continuing to comlete the same course.
There's nothing to do on a friday night in Hagerstown but cruise the dual. Either cruise or park at good ol' BK lounge, they won't get us thrown out.
by hagersbushian November 5, 2007
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