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The place where all the liberals moved to get away from Bush after the '04 elections...just to run smack into Stephen Harper!
Get away from a moderately Christian man to run smack-dab into a man who has called his opponents "the devil" in public...Welcome to Canada!
by Treima May 8, 2006
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Swedish death metal band, with the exception of German vocalist Angela Gossow. The band has released six albums, with the latest and best-selling being Doomsday Machine. Their best original song is Ravenous, but their remake of the Judas Priest song Starbreaker (on their Rare and Unreleased disc) is probably the best song I've ever heard. Despite being such a great band, they have yet to break out onto the forefront of popularity in metal, reaching a peak position of only #87 on the Billboard charts for sales of Doomsday Machine.
Arch Enemy is my favorite band. I wish they hadn't gotten rid of Johan Liiva and I wish Christoffer Amott hadn't left.
by Treima May 8, 2006
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In a nutshell, one who believes that everything is absolute, that the best way to reate a manageable society is to have one man/group/belief in control of all aspects of life, that opposition to this belief must be promptly exterminated, and that something (usually whatever opposes these aforementioned beliefs) is the reason for the problems in (your country here).
It is insulting to the millions that have died in fascism's various forms that the word fascist is bandied around so lightly here.
by Treima May 8, 2006
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A San Francisco metal band (1981- ). Considered by many to be the most influential band of the 1980s. Many of their songs are landmarks of the 80s particularly "One", "Master of Puppets", "Fade to Black" and "Four Horsemen". Like all bands, Metallica has undergone quite a few traumatic events, most notably the bizarre death of bassist Cliff Burton. The band also gained a measure of notoriety for rejecting Dave Mustaine who would go on to form Metallica's chief rival Megadeth, and for challenging the P2P version of Napster. Their best-selling album happens to be their eponymous Black Album that sold 16,000,000 copies, catapulting the band into becoming the best-selling act in 25 years. Estimates of sales range from 80 to well over 100 million. Many believe Metallica to be in rapid decline after the release of three sub-optimal albums (see Load, Reload, and St. Anger).
Dude, the Metallica concert's gonna fuckin' rock!
by Treima May 8, 2006
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In a nutshell, the belief that the world is more important than any one nation, that individuals are more important than any group, and that it is the duty of those with much to give to those who have little. See also what every UD editor is.

In a non-political context, liberal just means "a lot"
Don't be afraid to get liberal with the bullets: we've got way too many as it is. Just spray n' pray!
by Treima May 8, 2006
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A barista shoppe that advertises a shot of espresso added to cups and cups of milk smothered in whipped cream and (insert flavor here) sauce as a legitimate coffee beverage. Calling yourself a coffee nerd while drinking Starbucks is the equivalent of calling yourself a beer nerd while drinking Budweiser. For some reason, this shop has been demonized by the alternative culture for being "corporate" and yet I see these same kinds of people ordering venti iced Caramel Macchiatos for themselves and their mothers the very next day.
Alt dude: Don't go to Starbucks! Starbucks is part of "the man's" attempt to enslave mankind!
Me: Alright...

((((the next day))))
Alt dude: I'd like a venti double shot raspberry green tea coffee with whipped cream. Oh, and lemme get one of those strange chocolate brownies over there!
Starbucks clerk: That'll be $13.94.
by Treima May 8, 2006
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In a nutshell, the belief that (insert country here) is an upstanding and righteous nation, that less government is more freedom, and that people should be held entirely responsible for their finances and actions, even to the point of death or poverty. See also people the Urban Dictionary editors can't stand.

Or in a non-political context, it just means "not a lot".
Be conservative with your bullets; we don't have many to spare!
by Treima May 8, 2006
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