Something you might hear or read when you play team based online games and one elitist player thereon feels his team doesn't play well.
by Dogtag21 February 21, 2016
Haha ummmmm well ig wait why the fuck are you looking this up? Tf?! You obvi know what this means! Wait... why the fuck am I making a definition for this?! Tf?!
by LillySprouse April 28, 2018
A term most commonly used by Stewie Griffin of Family Guy, a hit cartoon by Seth McFarlane. Usually Stewie says this after he has been defeated in some way. The opposite of this phrase that Stewie says is victory is mine.
Stewie: Louis, give me my device back!
Louis: No Stewie, it is not playtime. Time for bed!
Stewie: AH, damn you all!
by Efpi October 29, 2006
Expletive made by an angry person that is followed inevitably by a cape flourish or a hissy fit, and usually never founded on anything concrete. Often occurs after said person realizes that he or she has been the target of a joke that everyone else in the room is in on.

Usually accompanied by a dramatic exit not without dark muttering and an inevitable door slam. Can sometimes result in that person not speaking to the addressed people for a few days, but inevitably this does not last long as the said person usually tries to make his way back into the party by downplaying the severity of the hissy fit.
-"Hey guys what are you doing?"
-"Your mom."
-"Fuck you all!"

*dramatic exit followed by door slam and crying*
by Spatch Adams May 1, 2009
When someone is acting in a weird way or doing something stupid you respond with, " are you all there mate" just another way of saying you good there
by wittlefetus May 15, 2019