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A stupid way of saying "would have" or "would've". In essence, it's bad grammar & no one seems to care.
I would of typed my paper using proper grammar but it is what it is.
by Tommyt March 21, 2008

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A sarcastic way of asking someone about the mood they're in. Was coined in the 1988 teen drama, Heathers.
From Heathers (1988):

Heather Chandler: What's your damage? Brad says you're being a real *kuse*.
Veronic Sawyer: Heather, I feel really sick, like I'm gonna throw up, so can we please jam now?
by Tommyt August 02, 2005

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Any muffler with a wider exhaust port that allows for a louder sound. Typically found on cars owned by drivers who can't afford a real street-racing car but want to act like they have one.
Fartcans are installed on cars strictly to make noise to annoy other drivers.
by Tommyt January 20, 2006

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The often inconsiderate action of playing a car stereo at full blast simply to annoy those around you. Typically the object is also to make the rearview mirrors of those around you vibrate in addition to your own trunk lid.
Yo, that punkass was subwoofing so fuckin' loud at the red light I couldn't see my own reflection in my rearview!
by Tommyt July 31, 2006

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A totally pretentious way of saying that a fact will follow or has preceded a statement. Typically used so a writer can sound more intelligent than they actually are.
Thus, Luke Skywalker defeated his father in a lightsaber duel and Anakin Skywalker threw the Emperor down the reactor shaft of the Death Star, thus ending the tyranny of the Empire, thus setting the stage for the New Republic.
by Tommyt June 27, 2007

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A complete stranger who approaches you at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, only to ask you if you've "found Jesus yet?" The question is usually accompanied by a proselytizing business card depicting someone going to hell for their supposed sins.
Car Owner: Fuckin' gas prices are ridiculous!!
Flanders: 'Scuse me, but I couldn't help noticing you're really mad about the price of gasoline. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord n' savior? He'll help you with your anger.
Car Owner: What are you, some kinda nutcase?
by Tommyt August 29, 2007

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The word used to identify a stepmother that you don't like, get along with, just plain despise. 1st coined in the film St. Elmo's Fire, used chiefly by Demi Moore's character, Jules.
Jules: I have to go. Did the hospital call? Did my stepmonster die?
by Tommyt July 29, 2008

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