Mckayla: Are you goin to the movies tomorrow night?
Emily: Probs.
by Emily Locke February 14, 2007
Guy: "Hey are we gonna have sex soon?"
Girl: "probs"
by SteezyStef March 8, 2012
Short form for Probably. While saying it, you nod your head yes.
Dude #1: Are you goin out tonight?
Dude #2: Prob. (nodding yes)
by JulyButterfly November 21, 2004
the word prob is a short word for the word problem,
guy1: hey dude... thanks allot,
guy2: no prob
by Dragonathan November 30, 2011
Means probably not. The word derives from the great philosopher one Kyle Albertelli
"We should do heroin together and share needles with magic Johnson"
"Yeah probs not"
by TheRealJM November 12, 2013
- "Can I come along?"
- "No probs"
by Japfreak January 7, 2004