Pouty lips are lips that are especially full or semi-puckered, as when expressing real or mock dissatisfaction by pouting. Some women believe that having ground-up gristle (also known as collagen) injected into their lips will make them poutier and hence more desirable.
"She's not really upset. She just thinks having pouty lips is sexy or something."
by Hey Nonny Mouse May 1, 2007
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Silly & stupid smiles typically used by Generation Y girls who think they're destined for a career in modeling, or living vicariously thru celebrities like Britney Spears, Xtina Aguilera or Paris Hilton. Usually accompanied by the scissor gang mafia sign, an upraised alcoholic drink, while wearing obscenely large Dolce & Gabbana eyewear and hanging on a douchebag.
Damn, lookit dat hott!! She got dah pouty lips, dah D&Gs & dah SGM - I'm gonna score tonight!
by Tommyt January 28, 2009
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The slang for Filipinos meaning "White person".
"Man, look at the Poutie staring at us, what is she thinking?"
by g0tchap0kem0n. July 30, 2008
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noun. Term used to describe over-inflated outer pussy lips. Commonly found on a woman who was really fat at one time, but now she is much thinner. She still has a big fat snapper. When a chick loses weight, the hooters are the first to go, but the snapper usually stays big and fat.
Guy: Dude, you're ho looks great since she lost all that weight.
Friend: Yeah, I know, but she still has a big "pouty" hangin' on her. Look at that big bulge in her shorts.
by happy diver March 6, 2011
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a behavior indicating disdain for an idea or course of action

attitude of sexual appeal that is obviously intended, may or may not be directed at a particular person
Her poutiness was evident for all to see
by AndyCameron November 21, 2011
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a biznatch who wont listen or someone you love a lot
by poutie lover March 24, 2003
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