Any muffler with a wider exhaust port that allows for a louder sound. Typically found on cars owned by drivers who can't afford a real street-racing car but want to act like they have one.
Fartcans are installed on cars strictly to make noise to annoy other drivers.
by Tommyt January 20, 2006
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Oversize "performance" exhaust found on underpowered import "rice" cars. Generally reduces performance and makes the car sound like it's farting, or like a lawnmower.
Look at the fartcan on that civic.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
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A large bore, straight through muffler generally found on four cylinder cars. Usually meant as an insult towards modified import cars, usually said by mullet-wagon (Mustang, Camaro, etc.) owners.
A fartcan sounds horrible on a domestic car. :)
by neak January 20, 2005
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An exhaust found on a typically shitty car owned by chavs, such as a Corsa B or a 2004 A3. They make a horrendous sound and make the driver look like a complete idiot.
Jon: Listen to the sound of this bad boy, just stuck it on my new Corsa B
Dom: That's fucking class that g, everybody is gonna be well jealous init
Dave: That fartcan sounds shite
by The Dank Meme November 9, 2018
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Usually a motorcycle or a scooter of very poor quality
Dude that NRG 50 is a real fartcan
by ___.markooo.___ October 9, 2021
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The ricer exhaust pipe that make it sound like a lawn mower.
That ricer fartcan is making my ears bleeding!
by GTR_SAIKOU September 9, 2017
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