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A sleep schedule in which a person sleeps 30 minutes every four to six hours. (This is actually done by some people notably university/college students with dead-end goals, self-proclaimed insomniacs, security guards at places which require little security, etc.)
"I became so addicted to coffee as a student that I'm now on Uberman - and unemployed."
by Tojonto June 25, 2006
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involuntary celibate: someone who is celibate but doesn't want to be
"He's an incel. He tries to get dates every week but gets turned down all that time."
by Tojonto March 9, 2007
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Knowledge of not only where places are, but why and how, as well as predicting the future of where places should be - one important example of when you'd use this knowledge is finding a good location to live, work, start your own biz, and travel based on pasts and forecasts of that location.
"So many people are mistaken with the idea that geography is a social studies class only for junior high about memorizing the outline map of the US; it's a lot more than that - just as math is a lot more than just counting up to 10."
by Tojonto September 2, 2006
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a cliche and uncreative technique to form new words - almost anyone who can speak a language can fabricate words by butchering two perfectly good words and using cheap glue to form one ugly word
Awful portmanteau words include "brangelina", "craptacular", "adorkable" and "soquid".
by Tojonto June 19, 2006
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the phenomenon whereby you wish to do so many constructive things but end up not doing any of them since you can't seem to decide on which (comes from the adage of the donkey that sees two piles of food equidistant to each other but ends up starving to death because he's such an ass)
"Yeah, last summer I wanted to join a softball team, take part in a poker club, paint abstract act, design T-shirts, learn a programming language and cook exotic dishes, but the Buridan's Ass Phenomenon took into effect and I ended up doing nothing because I just had no focus. I am such an ass."
by Tojonto June 20, 2006
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someone with an annoying laugh (onomatopoeic, "wrahahahaha")
"That wrah's gotta shut up soon, especially since he finds every damn thing so funny."
by Tojonto June 19, 2006
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(1) Originally used as in a "srsly" fashion to express laughter and agreement (2) Should be now used as a way to show sarcastic submission (i.e. you want to tell the noob not-so-subtly that he's really making an ass out himself)
"Ur avatars so funnay n kewl!!1 OMG!!!1"
"LOL, K"

"Can I borrow $10? I'll pay you back?"
"LOL, K"

"Am I FUN or what?"
"LOL, K"

by Tojonto June 9, 2006
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