This is a mispronunciation of the word "funny." It is used mainly by trendy fucks that are trying way too hard to be cool. These are the same fools that use abbreviations like "lol" and "wtf" in everyday spoken conversation.
Guy: LOL! The Hangover was so funnay!
Other guy: God damn it! You fool!
by Not Funnay January 13, 2011
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intentionally wrong spelling of funny, for something, that isn't.
ho ho ho.. you're sooo funnay...
by jMCg July 1, 2005
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Funny.. often used with other intentionally mispelled words...
j00 r teh funnay!
by Omega May 7, 2003
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another way to say “funny”, just in a more creative and dumb way to say it.
Anahi is so funnay with what she says or does.”
by random280 August 30, 2021
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