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To make something up. To create. To lie. To produce.
He had to fabricate that story to stay out of jail. I am going to fabricate environmental friendly insulation for my house. All Professor Rathbone does when he is not prepared is fabricate. She knows how to fabricate like nobody else.
by needtoknowbasis November 15, 2013
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(1)To over emphasize a story that ultimately has no plot or real conclusion (2) to draw conclusions in the least linear fashion possible (3) to make connections using evidence that has little to no relevance and arrives to a conclusion that was never brought up in the first place
"Fernando FABricate d that story by telling us that in order for the planet to not burn, the plants of the world must push back the sunlight out of the atmosphere. wtf?"
by DRex March 04, 2015
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