Something many teenagers do not have; or are very messed up. Often aquired during adulthood when you actually need to get up and do things and not just scroll through twitter at 3 am
" mia had no sleep schedule during the school year due to homework and sports"

"my sleep schedule is completely nonexistent"
by Mdiddlediddle March 17, 2017
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Aldin's sleep schedule is invented by Gimnazija Obala's student Aldin.
It means that person is falling into a coma after coming back from school and then not sleeping until school the next day.
In extreme cases, there is even no coma or nap and you just go to school the next day.
Nap's in this unique schedule are 1-3 hours and coma's are 4 and more hours.
This schedule is becoming more popular among students of Aldin's school due to the terror they are going through.
"Oh my God I have to study a lot today, I might use Aldin's sleep schedule!"
by ark0ad33 March 22, 2022
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