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When you are unsure whether or not you have an STD, so you fuck a chick and tell her 6 months later that she should get checked out because you may have an STD. You then use her test to see if you have an STD.
Debby was the best litmus pussy ever. She got checked out the day I called her.
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When you cum in a girls mouth, she swallows it, but throws it back up later when you are making out with her and it is the consistency of oatmeal.
Did you hear that Randy got a nice warm bowl of Throatmeal from his wife last night.
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The dried, crusty bullshit that stays on your dick and her pussy after sex. Prominent in middle eastern women, especially those with yak pussy.
Atiya and I were fucking real hard last night, and I woke up with this nasty sex humus all over my cock. Her yak pussy was so covered that it turned into a penis flytrap.
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Similar to narcolepsy, Sexilepcy is when you get caught having sex, and the immediate reaction once you're caught is to fall asleep and play dead, regardless of what's happening around you.
Roger was balls deep in my asshole when my dad walked in. I've never seen someone's Sexilepcy kick in so hard in my entire life. He just passed out on my back, with his dick still in my ass. What a tool.
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When you release your bowels on the wall and make a beautiful work of art out of it.
Billy: What's with all this shit on the wall?
Jared: Get this through your head: this isn't just shit, this is some high quality shartwork.
Billy: This still looks like shit.
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The crustacean which lives and breeds within the cavernous regions of a Russian woman's vagina. Scientifically named Sibernus Cavernous Trolololololus
I was going down on Olga when all of the sudden her Siberian Cave Troll grabbed my tongue and drug me in neck deep into her pussy.
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When you are fucking in saltwater and your penis get locked in her pussy for an extended period of time. As you struggle to get your penis loose, oftentimes a gang of Dolphins show up and rape both you and your partner.
Melanie and I had a crazy Saltwater Snuggle the other day, where my dick got so stuck that 3 dolphins had enough time finish off in my ass.
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