Farting in your own cube at work. As opposed to crop dusting
I was so busy at work today that I had to resort to a suicide bombing.
by Martha_H December 06, 2005
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A very generous act were one or more people show there love to there gods people by killing innocent people. makes no fucking total sense but hey
In a bar 2 lovebugs make there debu at a bar after having a long conversation without taking there eyes off eachother
Rob:(writes on napkin)first kiss time?
Lucy:(writes on napkin) will you still love me in the morning? with slight giggle and gorgeous smile
Rob:(writes on napkin) Forever and ever babe X
they kiss and are truly in love withone another they are loving there life right now.

but no some generous man walks in and shouts "jihad"and ends there lives, fuk i hate this world and suicide bombing
by godlikejew July 19, 2009
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The act of deficating on your partner's chest, then wiping them off with the pages of the koran...
I started to give my girlfriend a suicide bomb, but was afraid of the wrath of Allah.
by JKoury October 12, 2006
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Now this is the story:

Suicide bombing is the act of ejaculating all over the girl while she is on her knees giving you head. But there is a catch, you mustn't say a word before you cum and you gotta yell at the top of your lungs as you whip it out of her mouth and therefore blow yourself all over her face and tits. If you accomplish to do all of this, her face will look exactly like one of the terrorist victims when they are about to be bombed, except that she will stay alive and will have cum on her face instead of blood and flesh...

Oh and, uh, yelling out gods name makes it even more dramatic for some reason! Thank me later. ;)
Ron: Man, I did the suicide bombing last night!
Clark: You did what?
Ron: I busted a nut on the girls face while screaming "hail hydra!!" She was so shocked! I felt like a true terrorist and she was my victim
Clark: You sick fuck...
by SlowlyThere August 13, 2017
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While receiving fellatio you hold your partners head down and without informing them you ejaculate into their mouth screaming JIHAD!
Partner: Tell me when you are gonna cum.
You: oh yeah, don't worry just keep going. oh yeah.
Partner: mmpphhhh
You: oh yeah! JIHAD! (holding head firmly down possibly with two hands)
Partner: mph cough gag
You: How'd you like the suicide bomb?
Partner: You Fucking asshole.
by LFT April 26, 2008
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It's when I shit on your chest, then wipe it up with pages that I ripped out of the Koran.
Motherfuckin' Abu Dhabi sand mooly gave my cousin a Suicide Bomb, he's still alive though.
by zunk crunchnstuff May 05, 2007
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When you take a dump on a chicks chest, then proceed to wipe it up with pages of the Koran.
I pulled a suicide bomb on that Ho because she passed out.
by Dan111111111111 December 06, 2006
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