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THE most annoying announcer, not just in baseball but in all of sports. Has coined some catchphrases so lame that they would even embarrass that fool Stuart Scott. Phrases such as "grab some bench" and "he gone". Wow, what a wordsmith you are, "Hawk". Gee Hawk, why don't you tell us about your awesome .239 career batting average, and how you gave up baseball to be a failure as a professional golfer.
Hawk Harrelson sucks so bad that he could be on ESPN.
by The Slow Kid September 21, 2007

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n. The putrid, festering liquid that accumulates along curbs and in potholes on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras Juice is usually made up of several distinct liquids, including (but not limited to): beer, spit, urine, Pat O'Brien's hurricanes, semen, human blood, rainwater, mucous, suntan lotion, feces, sweat, pig's blood, assorted other alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, breast milk, tears of lost souls, and rich, chocolatey Ovaltine.

Needless to say, Mardi Gras Juice should be considered hazardous and should not be consumed or handled in any way, unless you find some streads in it that can be exchanged for a boobie flash.
That guy just stepped ankle-deep into a puddle of Mardi Gras Juice. If that were me I'd cut off my own foot.
by The Slow Kid July 08, 2006

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A word used to add emphasis to a statement. Taken from the similar phrase "hella" and modified by over-educated douchebags from the Pacific Northwest for no apparent reason.
Trevor: Hey Josh! Your cargo pants are hecca sweet?

Josh: Thanks, dude! Wanna go to Starbucks and get a latte?
by The Slow Kid February 28, 2006

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When you and your friends are walking along the sidewalk, usually after drinking, and one or more people in the party secretly decide to throw another person in the group into the bushes. The victim is then sneak-attacked and thrown forcefully into the largest bush available while the rest of the group shouts "BUSH CLUB!!!"
Chris was wasted last night so we initiated him into the bush club on the way back from the bars.
by The Slow Kid May 07, 2006

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A joke phrase used as a follow-up to "Joe Mama". This makes the victim of the joke feel even more insulted if they fall for it twice. Similar in execution to the "Deez Nuts" type of joke.
John: "Hey, someone was looking for you while you were gone."

Mike: "Yeah, who?"

John: "Joe Mama!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Mike: "Aw, fuck you man."

John: "No, seriously, there were two people here asking for you."

Mike: "Who?"

John: "Joe Mama, ANGIE DADDY!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Dumbass!

Mike: "Go to hell, asshole!"
by The Slow Kid May 07, 2006

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1. Sweaty taint. Experienced when hot, humid conditions result in sweat between the nutsack and the bunghole. Swaint usually occurs in conjunction with swass and swalls.

CAUTION: If you think you might be experiencing swaint, seek air conditioning and immediately apply a liberal amount of Triple-Action Gold Bond Medicated Powder to your taint and nutsack (if so equipped).
I cut the lawn in the heat yesterday and got a really bad case of swaint. Holy shit, I never knew my taint had so many sweat glands.
by The Slow Kid July 29, 2006

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Short for street-beads. Found in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, streads are the sad, unwanted strings of beads seen laying in the street, often submerged in Mardi Gras Juice. Streads are good for giving to women whose titties you want to see but who might not normally be bead-worthy. Broken streads can be easily fixed by twisting the ends together. Fortunately, the stread recipient usually won't notice this shoddy repair until she has already shown the goods, at which point it's too late, ha-ha, I saw your boobs.
Hey Steve! I got that girl over there to show her tits for some nasty old streads! Now let's go get a daquiri-filled plastic football!
by The Slow Kid July 08, 2006

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