A term for people who don't curse. This word means you jackass. Used in mainly 4-7 grade.
Me in 4th grade:"You ugly donkey."

Me now"You ugly jackass!" You Donkey meaning another word for ass or jackass.
by Amoniglue November 24, 2017
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A phrase often used in anger that has connotations regarding ones appearance or their lack of comprehension to a set task.

This quote is made famous by a popular chef who goes by the name ‘Gordon Ramsay’ who often berates cooks using such language.
Oy you! Come here you silly donkey! Who told you to cook these scallops hey?
by GordonRamsay4PM March 12, 2020
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def 1: a girl with many curves
def 2: fine, hot, or very goodlooking girl
by wah mle February 11, 2009
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you look like an ugly monkey with a large posteriour who steals other peoples boyfriends/girlfriends.
Gina stole Jim from Sue. Sue totaly said you look like donkey kong to her.
by cloooooooooooooooooo January 1, 2011
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