What you tell some one when they are asking you for something that you don't want to do just to get them out of your way.
John: Hey can I borrow 20 bucks

Terry: Oh I'll get you on the way back.
by Manny Daddy August 6, 2007
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A close friend you have known for a long time, a homey from back in the day
Jimmy is my way back. We went to preschool together and I was an usher in his wedding. We are tighter than tight.

I thought she was my way back but I was way wrong. I guess old girlfriends can't ever be your true friend, even twenty years later.
by Kevin G. LIttle May 17, 2011
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in any vehicle with 2+ rows, any seat or area behind the second row of seats, typically, cargo space rather than seating
on vacations, mom and dad took turns driving, my 2 brothers rode in the backseat, leaving me stuck in the way-back with the dog.
by slyght February 17, 2006
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The rear facing seat in the very back (third row) of a 1960s era Station Wagon. It folded down into the floor for a smooth cargo area or folded up as a smaller bench seat, often the youngest kids were seated there. Very dangerous location if there was a collision, especially as there were often no seat belts.

Maybe the reason for the title of the movie The Way Way Back is because Duncan couldn't get far enough away from Steve Carell even in the Way Back.
by Tarl Cabot July 22, 2013
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The improper remembering and subsequent use of the phrase "way back when." The user of this phrase, upon being called out, will go into a long story about why it's a thing. But it's not a thing.
Person 1: I had one of those, way back way.
Person2: Way back way is not a thing
Person1: Well let me tell you a story...
by Jam-Fingers March 11, 2019
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pretty much means the same thing as the phrase back in the day
Way back when, companies had customer service.

There was a time, way back when America produced good cars. Nowadays only Ford produces good cars.

Back in the day, America was a prosperous nation.

Back in the day only degenerates went to tracks like Charles Town but nowadays with slot machines the purses are so artificially high that all of the action is good.
by The Local Degen June 9, 2010
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In a station wagon there was the back seat and the way way back seat that faced out the window toward the cars behind you.
I always called dibs on the way way back seat so I didn't have to sit between my brothers.
by Maude Muffin November 2, 2013
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