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1. Sweaty taint. Experienced when hot, humid conditions result in sweat between the nutsack and the bunghole. Swaint usually occurs in conjunction with swass and swalls.

CAUTION: If you think you might be experiencing swaint, seek air conditioning and immediately apply a liberal amount of Triple-Action Gold Bond Medicated Powder to your taint and nutsack (if so equipped).
I cut the lawn in the heat yesterday and got a really bad case of swaint. Holy shit, I never knew my taint had so many sweat glands.
by The Slow Kid July 29, 2006
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Adj: the perfect amount of drunkness between being buzzed and being shitfaced. Where your social skills, athleticism, and charisma are at an all time high and absolutely no fucks are being given. Being the person that you wish you were 100% of the time.
Trevor: how you feelin' Teddy?
Teddy: feeling pretty Swaint right now
by Teddy Swaint October 29, 2014
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the wet stain towards the back of a gentleman's pants from the sweat originating in the taint area (the area between the testicles and the anus). Similar to swass or swamp ass, but differentiated by a lower stain. This is particularly common in men with groomed testes
Throw a towel down! I don't want your swaint all over my car.
by mike french June 23, 2011
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When swooning over someone or something becomes so overwhelming it causes one to faint
I swainted when I saw that hot PrEP slut twrape Jameson.
by Hairypiglet November 24, 2014
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Ass sweat. The disgusting wetness that forms at the upper back of your pants, and trickles down the crack of your ass. Southern California
After a day working in the yard, the swaint had ruined his pants.
by fermenter February 02, 2005
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