A very nice place to live. The third largest city in Kentucky. Has a population of about 60,000 people. Is Kentucky's No.1 sportstown, and known as BBQ capital of the world, because of Moonlite Barbecue. Has many resteraunts and churches. Also, my town.
Owensboro is a really nice place to live.
by $lim $hady October 20, 2008
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Third-largest city in the midwestern state of Kentucky with a population of over 54,000 people. Founded in 1812 by settlers from north-central Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Established along a southward bend in the Ohio River in the northwestern section of Kentucky, directly across from Indiana. It is unofficially known as "The Most Southern of Northern Towns", as it is located in the lowermost areas of that massed area.

Owensboro is world-famous for its quality Barbecue (or Bar-B-Q.) The annual Barbecue Festival is held every summer in downtown, and even draws tourists from other nations. The city is home to Johnny Depp and several lesser-known Christian Rock bands and a band known as Atticus Fault. Owensboro is pretty cold during the winter and late fall, and very hot in the summertime. The downtown riverfront of Owensboro is gradually developing to make it better and to look more attractive. The people are very polite and hospitable. There are families with long-running businesses as well as successful lawyers, physicians, and doctors. The middle/medium-income class is most prominent, while there are several thousand of the poor, lower class.
The best places to eat in town are The Bistro in downtown, Moonlight Bar-B-Q on the westside, Applebee's, King Buffet Chinese/American restaurant off the Expressway bypass, Texas Roadhouse, and the House of Canton in southtown. The city also holds an annual Civil War battle re-enactment of the Battle of Sutherland's Hill, the only significant Civil War engagement in Daviess Co., Kentucky and also a Union victory. Three Union regiments, two of Infantry and one of Cavalry were formed in Owensboro back during the Civil War, though the city is small, it still has considerably good shopping, plenty of places to eat, an interesting history, and a lot of sights to see, including Ben Hawes State Park, Legion Park, Yellow Creek Park, Golfland, the Korean War Monument, the Owensboro Museum, a large 12-screen movie theater, and the elaborate, upscale Executive Inn.
Owensboro is a good large town. It has a beautiful downtown riverfront, and it is my hometown.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 05, 2004
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Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. Apart from the several thousand Pro-Southern Rednecks who are misinformed about what region they live in, Owensboro is a pretty good place to be. It may not be a Chicago, Boston, or Philadelphia, but the town still rocks if you ask me. There are so many beautiful, goregeous girls here and from here as well.
Owensboro has many things to offer to people who come.
by Ryan November 05, 2004
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A Midwestern city with 53,400 people and located in northwestern Kentucky. Infamous for the International Bar-B-Q Festival, founded (1811) during earthquakes of incredible magnitude erupting from the New Madrid Fault Line, and site of a small Civil War battle.
Owensboro is also known as O-Town and The River City.
by Ryan The Bush-Supporter February 06, 2005
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A great place to live and raise a family in my opinion. It is one of the southernmost cities in the Midwest located on the banks of the Mighty Ohio River, and is a large town with strong family values and great moral standards. O-Town, or the River City, is part of the Tri-State area that encompasses southeastern Illinois, southern Indiana, and northwestern Kentucky
I love you, Owensboro.
by The Midwestrn Soldier February 26, 2005
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Question: Why does this town have more homosexuals than any other town in America?
Answer: because Ryan the Bush supporter lives there and all the fellows know he is an easy bottom.
by disabled dan April 04, 2005
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The act of taking less than one serving of food (or drink) from a container of food (or drink) shared by a community because there are less than two servings of that food (or drink) left in the container, and you are too lazy to dispose of or refill the container.
There were only five cookies left, so Grace committed severe Owensboro by only taking two.
by Chishx November 11, 2007
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