An aerophone (a musical instrument played by buzzing the lips and blowing) indigenous to Australia's Aboriginal people. The birthplace of the didgeridoo is thought to be North East Arnhemland in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The didgeridoo traditionally, is a termite hollowed eucalyptus tree branch or trunk.

"Didgeridoo" is a colonial term for the instrument. The one of indigenous names for it in NE Arnhemland is "yirdaki."
Hey, mate, that balanda can blow a didgeridoo!
by Karl November 20, 2004
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the aboriginal australian instrument made from a eucalyptus tree hollowed out by termites. It is played by vibrated the lips and makes a crazy sound unlike any other instrument. Every one is unique, each coming from a different tree. a technique called circular breathing can be used to play nonstop by taking in air as the player blows into the intrument. sounds like: boioioiaoao oaoboboooao
guy: let me hear that didgeridoo
guy#2: boioiooaooioaio boioaoaioa
by woop70930 August 22, 2005
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A long wooden object through which hippies can transport thier drool several feet away from their mouths. It also makes a low droining noise that encourages interpretive dance.
Didgeridoo Guy: "OOooOOoIEeEEOoooOOooOoOoOOooO..."
Some Hippie: "wow, man... that didg' is totally opening up a portal in my mind"
Average Person: "... what the fuck are you talking about?"
by Rock Deputy September 9, 2005
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A very ancient Australian instrument that can be used to play some wicked dubstep if you are really good with it.
With just his mouth, lungs, and a hollow wooden log, the didgeridoo player played an awesome solo that made Skrillex shit his pants.
by Terminus_Est December 15, 2012
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da best instrumant baby! cost sum lettuce but the vibes are best!long hollow wood to blow through.
He blew on his didgeridoo like a pig cooling his oat flakes.
by yankee man September 13, 2003
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Cockney ryhming slang for loo
guy: Hey I'm just going to the didgeridoo

gal: ok
by ∂αмиgιяℓ♥ August 5, 2009
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The act of standing your roommates ex girlfriend on her head and performing oral sex on her anus. During this act the woman opens her mouth and makes a low pitch humming noise.
You took my ex on a date? I suppose you went back to her appartment after and didgeridoo'd her butt while her lizards watched... Dick
by Einstein Kung Fu July 7, 2011
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