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pissbottle {pronounced, "PĬS'bŏtl"} (n.)
One of those plastic lidded urinal jugs that you often see in hospitals & nursing homes. Sometimes sold through consumer medical catalogues under such names as JOHN, JANE, FEMINATOR, etc.
{Mark} Hey Martha, can you please hand me the pissbottle next to the bed?
{Martha} Fuck off Mark, why don't you just toddle right over to the toilet and pass micturition like a grown-up!
by Telephony June 22, 2014
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A bottle of piss that is left outside one's door when this person/group has been too loud. In some cultures, the piss bottle is used to serve as a warning and is believed to strike fear and terror into the hearts of those who are too noisy while playing Mario Tennis at 4:30 A.M. In others, it is meant to appease the mighty Piss Gods. As for our culture, we haven't decided yet.
Earl: Hey Cletus, they's makin' noise again! Come piss in this here bottle and leave 'er outside ther door! Tha'll show 'em. An maybe the Piss Gods 'll be made happy and take way my here rash.

Cletus: I dun like those piss bottles. They's tastey drinkin' too!
by Robbie T. April 20, 2006
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a bottle that is filled with pee - probably when there isn't a restroom around, such as on long car trips, or at the parents when showing face is not a wise idea, etc - hopefully a screw top for safe keeps
yo I can't believe that schiesty dude pissed in my cat's water cup, he really should of piss bottled it!!
by pissbottle February 11, 2007
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Any bottle that contains urine.Preferably with a lid, for multiple storage and disposal options.
Can be abbreviated as PB.
When someone is to drunk to make it to the bathroom they may use an empty bottle next to the bed to piss in.
When we were stuck in traffic Joe had to piss in his empty water bottle or he would have pissed himself.
Most pissbottles are clearly identifyable and cannot be mistaken for anything else.
by PERMWORD34 February 28, 2008
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When you and your friend are bored and you see and empty bottle and one or more of you have to pee, you open up the bottle and pee in it until its full. Then you go find someones house that you don't like and run up to the doorstep, take off the cover, lean it on the door, ring the doorbell and go watch the pee fall into the house from a safe distance.
dude we totally piss bottled that fag next door.
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