1- The male ejaculatory fluid, especially when deposited somewhere other than the woman's vagina

2- The act of a male ejaculating
The male porn star got spoo all over the woman's face.

Oh, baby, I'm about to spoo!
by Batrastard April 19, 2003
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Oops spelled backwards. This way, you can say oops without saying oops.
spoo, I dropped my milk
by Fragbait November 19, 2003
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I was always under the impression that the phrase came from the "Dilbert" comics. There's one where the workers decide to make up fake acronyms and terminology to confuse the boss; everyone does it convincingly until it gets to Dilbert's turn, at which point he ruins it all by saying "my spoo has too much fleem".
"My spoo has too much fleem"

(after the meeting)

"Hey, if I could lie convincingly I'd be in marketing."
by james July 15, 2004
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Mary: ouch! you pushed me !
Tim: oops hahah spoo !
by THEMASTER0FAllTiME July 18, 2009
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spoo (spoo) n. A substance that is disturbing in texture and smell.
spoodification (spoo-di-fi-kay-shun) v. act of embarresing or otherwise showing your superiority to someone or something.
spoodist (spoo-dist) n. A follower of the ways of spoo.
What the spoo is that!?

Dude, you have some spoo on your shirt!
by David September 22, 2004
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to cum
to "shoot it"
sometimes followed by -berry.
Man, that was the best sex I've ever had...I spoo'd and spoo'd and spoo'd.

Oops! Missed her forehead and a spooberry hit the wall behind the couch.
by ButtFuzz June 12, 2003
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spoo is actually a type of shit, it is like a shit that comes out all soupy and has a spew to it, kinda like windy rain and dirt ssppppooooooo
that bastard left spoo all over my toilet and all around it
by slapapig September 23, 2003
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