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When a guy first goes through puberty and decides he wants look more mature. To accomplish this he unsucessfully tries to grow facial hair. A very common look among teens from the trailer park. It come in light and sparse like the fuzz on a peach.
Joe: "Whats up Julio? Like my stache? I've been working on it for a few months."
Julio: "Awesome."
by TM January 25, 2005

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Giant bitch drink. Everyone makes fun of those who drink it, but it sure does dissapear fast when someone brings it to a party.
Guy #1: You're such a bitch for drinking Smirnoff Ice.
Guy #2: Well at least I'm not going to pass out and get teabagged.

20 Minutes later...

Guy #3: Dude, nice form on the teabag!
Guy #2: Thanks.
by TM September 08, 2004

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A preppy brand of clothing started by two brothers (Shep and Ian). It has got a laid back, sort of relax and hang out in Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket sort of theme. It is growing in popularity and they even opened their flagship store in Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard) last year (July 2005). They make fun, comofortable clothing and accessories. It is sort of known as a "new preppy" style, and is very New England. They make a lot of nice ties, with fun, creative prints.
"Hey Ted, lets go buy a few ties at Murray's Toggery Shop"
"Ok, let me just grab my Vineyard Vines 'harbor vest,' its so comfortable."
by TM March 25, 2006

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Term used to describe South Boston, a part of Boston, MA. Southie is well known for its bars and the Irishmen that live in them.
Man, there sure are a lot of drunken mics here in Southie.
by TM September 13, 2004

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A natural pill that not only helps you sleep but also gives you more intense vivid dreams. It also increases the chance of having a lucid dream.
That 6 mg of melatonin I took before I went to bed gave me a great nights sleep.
by TM January 08, 2005

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Iron Maiden is awesome
Best songs are Fear of the Dark and The Wicker Man
Notice how all the people who dont like Iron Maiden get all thumbs down
The shadow of the wicker man is rising up again
by TM May 05, 2005

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Bent chicken mcnuggets.
I hate mcnuggets, I'm ordering chicken selects.
by TM February 15, 2005

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