Occurring, growing, or settled at widely spaced intervals; not thick or dense.
We wandered around a forest and since the trees were sparse, it was very easy to navigate through it.
by albatoss December 6, 2011
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something that sounds really funny when chris carraba from dashboard confessional says it.
"...bastards of young ...such sparse"
by robe August 11, 2006
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Denotes something that really, really sucks.
Phil: I got a D on my physics exam last week.

Tom: Sparse.
by jay dee b January 27, 2005
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effectionate term for cannabis, short for parsley
'half my sparse is blazed'
'try dusting some of that sparse on your pizza'
by Jukka January 29, 2004
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in a thinly dispersed manner; in small numbers.
A sparsely populated region
by TheFootballManiac January 17, 2017
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When something is empty or there’s limited of it.
by myguyssss October 29, 2018
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"a room which is 60% populated"...used by politicians to confuse the listener
The room that can seat 30 was sparsely packed with 20 occupied seats.
by laslo September 24, 2009
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