Defrauded, duped - fooled to believe a person when in fact they are using the person for their own personal gain
by mikielikesit December 3, 2016
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You're trumped.
by Sparkles March 12, 2004
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Verb: Tweeting without facts or thinking about consequences.
I'm sorry, I trumped. I shouldn't have sent that tweet when I was angry.
by DuDeBroMKE December 1, 2016
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To prove correct over someone who denies validity of a common goal.
When Jason did not know what to do and said it could not be done, I took the proven answer and trumped him.
by Spurlin October 4, 2007
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1. To get the better of someone by using quick wit and clever humor.
2. Owned (see).
by Miryam Websta April 25, 2004
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When Donald Trump releases your phone number or other personal info to the press.
Did you see the news? I got Trumped today and my cell is blowing up!
by bkrocket July 25, 2015
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Ruined beyond all possible repair.
Sorry, your motherboard is trumped.

The world is officially trumped.
by Catty McGee September 4, 2017
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