The jewish day of rest when Jews get to relax and kick back after a mad week. It's amazing that they have a day like this, I wish I had something along those lines.
I'm well jealous of Hymie Cohen cos I've got to go on missions with my family and annoying kids, and he gets to relax at home with his family and eat chicken soup.
by G Man March 18, 2004
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The best holiday of the year that happens every week!!!
"I gotta get home before the sun goes down so I'm not late to light the candles for Shabbat!"
by Bravoxena February 5, 2005
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1. A Holy Jewish Holiday that starts every Friday night at sundown and ends Saturday and sundown.
2. Also means slapping your partner with a hard penis.
1. Shabbat Shalom Morris,I hope you had a great week.

2. Thats awesome girl, he started shabbatting you?
by EMG August 28, 2005
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To take a break from the practice of Shabbat. ( Shabbat: ritual observance in Judaism )
Yael: I've been taking a break from Shabbat for a couple months.
Tiffany: Oh, you're taking a Shabbatical.
Yael: I am indeed.
by StellaRanks February 17, 2015
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can be anything you are trying to vaguely describe, but most commonly alcohol.
"Dude you bringing the shabbat tonight?"
"Yea I got loads of it back in the guest house"
by gotshabbat? April 28, 2009
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To slap your love with your erect penis, Normaly shouting "shabbat" when contact is made
I dumped my boyfriend last night
Cos he fucking shabbated me!!!
by Jay Clarkson February 18, 2005
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A greeting exchanged on the Jewish Sabbath (or any other day of the week).
One party to the greeting exclaims "Shabbat fistbump!" and pounds the other person's fist.

An energizing upgrade from the traditional Shabbat handshake.
Person 1: Shabbat shalom (peaceful Sabbath) my friend, how was your week? (extends hand)
Person 2: Shabbat fistbump, dude!!! (extends closed fist)
Person 1: (pounds it) That was so much more fulfilling than a regular handshake.
by ShabbatMendy October 30, 2009
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