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To injure yourself; often in a very embarrassing way. to cause great unintended harm.
I went to help the lady change her tire but I pulled a plaxico and dropped the car on my foot.
by t0pl355 September 02, 2009

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A boating term, used to define the person, usually a woman in a bikini, that is in charge of standing on the bow of the boat while the man either docks the boat, or looks for a place to drop anchor. A good Bow Bimbo can handle the responsibilities but many can not.
Jimmy:"Dave, you need me to drop the anchor?"
Dave:"No, my Bow Bimbo Melissa has got it covered!"
by t0pl355 July 06, 2010

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The negative effect of Maternity on a previously hot chick. A combination of the words "Maternity" & "Traumatized". Syptoms include abnormally large butt, muffintops, and saggy breasts.
Ted: "Hey I hooked up with Karen last night!"
Vince: "So what? She's been maternitized"
by t0pl355 April 28, 2010

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An older chick that will get you ridiculed by your friends. A person who is much to old for you to respectably date. The opposite of Jail Bait.
I was at the mall and saw some Bingo Bait mall walking!
by t0pl355 April 08, 2010

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A hot girl with a fugly face. She's hot depsite-her face. Spiderface. Similar to Butterface.
Vince hooked up with Amy even though she's a spiderface!
by t0pl355 June 14, 2010

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Fun to Fuck. Used to describe girls who are good in bed. Usuallly the crazy ones and/or butterfaces.
Vince: "Man, Karen is annoying."
Ted: "Yeah but she is FTF"
by t0pl355 December 17, 2010

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To have anywhere from two fingers to a fist inserted anally into a man while having his balls in your mouth.

Referenced in the film Fanboys along with Blinding the Marlin, and Louisiana Piledriver
I can't find a hooker to give me a Mississippi Handbag at a decent price anywhere!!
by t0pl355 July 08, 2009

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