First To Find - A Term used by Geocachers

When you are the first one, finding a "virgin" cache
Usually found in the forums or written in the online or physical log books.
nice - FTF on the cache !
by outlive December 17, 2006
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I met up with Shaina, Buddy, Joe and Corey for a little FTF time.
by AutomaticAshley January 31, 2012
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For the Fail. Antonyms; FTW- For the Win. In internet speak FTF is the appropriate response when disagreeing with someone who feels FTW correctly assess the situation in question.
Dude, Hillary FTW 2008.
Honestly?!?! More like Billary FTF foreves.
by sorepheet March 15, 2008
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Fuck Them Folks
This expression, FTF, is best used in a work environment or an area where one does not normally use cuss words, but still wants to express his/her disgust over a poor business decision someone has made. This expression is also highly effective when one experiences minor annoyances like: Perhaps a restaurant gave you poor service? Well...FTF. Or maybe someone cut you off in traffic? FTF. Maybe a coworker intentionally got you in trouble for something you didn't do? FTF.
Hot Karen from upstairs who just started a month ago: "I was just given a promotion to be your boss!"
Kevin who worked his ass off for that promotion: "FTF!"
Hot Karen from upstairs who just started a month ago: "Huh? What does that mean?"
by Cr1m1nalxInt3nt May 3, 2019
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"I didn't love her but we were totally FTF's."

"I knew the lunch lady and I were going to be FTF's when she gave me the extra tater tots."

How to use FTF on special occasions:
"Happy Valentines Day! Would you be my FTF?

"Sorry, I can't say I love you... We're only FTF's."
by YourFTF February 14, 2009
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stand for, "For The Fail", which is the complete opposite of FTW
Dude, that english paper i wrote...FTF.
by lawltastic May 13, 2009
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