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A female who is under the age of consent but who dresses, acts and appears as if she is over the age of consent and who does nothing to correct that impression when she is bedded.
"Keep away from that, it's jail bait."
by AKACroatalin April 04, 2015
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An attractive underaged girl who you'd like to bang. But if you get caught banging her you'll go to jail, so she's the bait that lures you into the jail cell, hence the term jailbait. Is similar to a lolita, except the term jailbait only applies to an attractive underaged girl that you want to bang, while a lolita is an attractive underaged girl who also wants to bang you
R. Kelly's next concert is gonna be in cellblock 4 cuz' he got caught messin' with jailbait.

Guy #1: Hey man, look at that girl over there she's really cute, I'm gonna go kick some G to her.
Guy #2: Naw man, that girl looks like she's about 14. She's fuckin' jailbait, dude.
by Joey Bishop March 08, 2004
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I didn't want to ask her age,
It's enough she's here backstage,
I did it though and now it's too late,
she's jailbait, honey, jailbait
by matt the jakie August 05, 2004
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An attractive young woman whom you drool over for any chance and you probably do. That is, if you don't mind serving time because she's underage.
The constant tease of the jailbait drove Freddy insane until he nailed it and went to jail.
by Drenam February 02, 2003
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A male or female, who by state law is underage, but doesn't look it.
"Look at that wordhoney/word over there."
"She's 15, mah wordbrutha/word."
"Damn jail bait..."
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
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