A female who is under the age of consent but who dresses, acts and appears as if she is over the age of consent and who does nothing to correct that impression when she is bedded.
"Keep away from that, it's jail bait."
by AKACroatalin April 4, 2015
A term used for an underage person who may seem attractive to people that are currently the age of consent or above. The underage person may or may not try to lure adults which would be illegal, hence the term Jail Bait.
Guy 1: Yoo, I'm talkin' to this hot chick on Instagram.
Guy 2: Uhh, that girl is 15, that's jail bait, bro...
by XTruth HurtsX April 12, 2021
My neighbor's 14-year-old daughter who hangs out on the street corner in her Goth clothes and prances around her room in her underwear when she knows all the neighbors can see in her window, that slut.
Yo, Bitch, how much? Aw, shit! I know you! You JAILBAIT!
by Jiminy Cricket October 9, 2004
Someone you worry could land themself and/or you in jail.
by PineappleJuice March 3, 2015
Any child who is under the legal age of sexual consent for having any kind of sexual engagement with an adult who, after enticing an adult, engaged in any form of sexual intercourse or other sexual behaviors with that adult, then goes to the police and call it rape.
Social Services placed that child in a foster home two weeks ago, but now social services has labeled the child "jail bait".
by SocialServicesReject July 11, 2018
A player in Halo: Reach who follows after holograms, to find out that they are fake, after it's too late, Then, being pwned from the behind.
Dude. You are some great jail bait. You fell for my Hologram 3 times in a row, so stop dropping the soap.
by DA G33ZA (xbox live) October 9, 2010
I didn't want to ask her age,
It's enough she's here backstage,
I did it though and now it's too late,
she's jailbait, honey, jailbait
by matt the jakie August 5, 2004