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1) to irritate or torment someone.

not said as "her ass"
"her ass" is what you put a skirt on.
Those kids always harass me, it gets annoying.
by T January 05, 2004
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eHERF. This is still the act of getting together among other social smokers, but is all done through the Internet and in your own home. A new site called www.eHERF.com started about a month or so ago. They are taking eHERF to the limit by having weekly eHERFs done with Voice over IP. So instead of doing any traveling in can be done in your own home and you can still chat to other eHERFER's.
Yo! Lets get online and do some eHERFing
by T April 23, 2005
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Your pubes.
I have crabs in my short and curlies! They are making my taint itch.
by T May 25, 2004
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Every woman needs here own Splackavellie
A brotha she can call when her man aint doin her right
He can work it all night
Until tha morning light
Make her feel right right right
im tha splackavellie
by T May 25, 2004
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A person who not only focuses theirlife not only on sports to train in but yet also prepares for his or her future by graduting from high school and college.
pat haden
by t December 01, 2003
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Intoxicated with liquor
Had too many vodkas and was blootered pretty quickly.
by T July 15, 2002
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Bitches. Aint. Shit.

A group of youthful teenagers who are known for their amazing ability at doing what they want, such as giving bitches purple dragons and fingering the po-po.
"whurrd you get your weed from?"
by T April 01, 2005
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