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1.V. to give someone a hard time
see also: giving the business, giving shit, f*ckin wit ya
2.N. Womens' period
see also: exscuse for immature women to act rude
I was raggin on him prety good.
I can't swim, Im on the rag.
by T December 01, 2003

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(weed) (bay area slang) purple weed
my nigga u got any barney
by T March 20, 2005

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Finnish for "Fuck"
painu vittuun täältä = Get the fuck out of here
by T August 10, 2003

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Two Protoss High Templar Merged to form a uniquely powerful Psionic Entiry. See also Starcraft
Tassadar would have made an kick-ass Archon
by T April 01, 2004

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A person who is trying to scam you for cash (not a "thief" who will just take the money, or "scam artist" who is trying to scam you out of more than money), usually in a setting involving a transaction that would normally be no big deal
"That chisler tried to raise the price from $15 a bag to $40 after I came out to meet him!"
by T March 28, 2005

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A word dumb poeple use to sound smart.
"Whats your opinion on the matter, Bob?"
"Oh, well I'm proactive."
by T April 25, 2003

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An online dating service/friend network that utilized the "six degrees of separation" analogy with eerily popular results. In a few short months after its inception, friendster has become one of the most popular and overused internet websites to date. With routinely poor service and slow servers, friendster is irritating, but still in some bizarre way, incredibly addictive.
i have 8 million friends on my friendster. how about you?
by T December 07, 2003

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