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The other definitions of emo are all made by wankers.

I'm tired of seeing entries either saying all emos are self harming and self obsessed bastards or that they're perfectly normal and all a bunch of fucking lovable people.

Fact is, they're just like every other sorry-ass clique; some of them are cool and some of them suck more dick than a gay pedophile in a preschool bathroom.
Emo: We're normal!
Emo Hater: Emos all suck!
Person with common sense: Some emos are pieces of shit, and some emos are perfectly alright!
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
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Possibly the first (and definitely the best) drone metal/ doom band ever to exist.

The band utilizes classic black metal and ambient strategies like distorted guitars and synthesization through computers to create an atmosphere of terror.

Often misrepresented as "Sunno" "Sunn o" or Sunn0" by those too ignorant to actually check up on bands before downloading their material.

Their album "Altar" features split work with another drone band, Boris, to create even deeper chaos.

Drone metal songs typically top ten minutes, and some albums consist of only one very long song.
Sunn O))) is some deep shit.
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
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A sexual act, in which the male shits inside of a condom, then lets it harden in the freezer before having sex. When the female approaches orgasm, he takes it from the freezer and fucks her with it until she passes out. While asleep, the female is not aware that the male has left the condom in and, as it thaws, shit comes pulsing out from between her pussylips like sloppy joe sauce.
I heard you gave your girlfriend a sloppy joe... and AIDs.
by Styxhexenhammer August 28, 2009
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A nonexistent figure created based off of older, pagan religious symbols for the purpose of scaring young impressionable children into believing in god... another nonexistent character ALSO based on earlier, PAGAN religious symbols and beliefs.

Come on people don't be airheads.
Satan isn't real and neither is Jesus.
by Styxhexenhammer November 29, 2009
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The most annoying and useless people on the Earth.

While many groups of people such as nerds, hippies and punks try to change the world for the better through activism and technology, preps spend nine tenths of their time looking down upon others, using their typically upper class parents to buy them things which make others envious.

However, don't worry about them too much; since they tend to drink heavily and go to shitty colleges, many preps find themselves unable to function in society and end up working for their parents, who are generally lawyers or self employed salespeople. Their more worthy parents wind up hating them and they take up jobs at IHOP or Walmart and get old and hideous.

Their idols are generally as shallow as they are, and include any boy band they can find, and typically STD infested sluts like Hannah Montana and Miley Ray Cyrus.

Young preps tend to watch High School Musical; older preps can't afford a TV.

They tend to be Republicans, and pretend to be devout Christians, while drinking more than the average Irish Catholic minister.
Nerd: Audrey and her friends are such preps I wish they would die.
Hippie: Yeah but she'll be working night shift at McDonalds in five years once I graduate from UVM and you get out of Yale.
Punk: Hey forget her ass, let's go burn down the army navy store.
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
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An eighties goth rock band famous for songs referencing Charles Manson, necrophilia, and demon worship.

Fronted by Nikolas Schreck and three others, two of which left in the late 80s and were replaced by Schreck's wife, Zeena Lavey (Daughter of Anton Lavey.)

The band released three albums and a collection of solo tracks.

The band ceased in 1992, and two former members formed the band "Symphony of Terror."
Radio Werewolf's song "Incubus" encouraged small girls to have sex with demons.
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
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The lead vocalist for the legendary neogothic eighties band "Radio Werewolf."

Also founder of the werewolf order, husband of Zeena Lavey (Anton Lavey's daughter" and high ranking member of the Temple of Set. Former member of the Church of Satan. Supporter of Charles Manson.
Nikolas Schreck is singing, so shut the fuck up you fat ugly whore!
by Styxhexenhammer August 28, 2009
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