typically 11 pm- 7 am or 12 midnight 'til 8. The infidelity shift. The time when most MILFs get a different bed companion.
Her old man worked night shift so I used to slip into her bed at 1 am and leave by 4 am.
by Jake March 05, 2004
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The nice potentially beautiful girl who takes care of her craz drunk friend.
I wouldn't recommend going for the spazzard drunk girl, but the night shift, well, shes kinda hot.
by eschh June 01, 2011
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When one or more persons take turns defecating in a briefcase (usually done past 10:00 pm). They must then pick a target and leave the briefcase on the porch of the victim, before leaving the porch they must ring the doorbell.They then proceed to watch the victim obtain the briefcase from across the street while safely hidden under the cover of darkness.
Leona did not allow Vernon to make entry through her anal cavity, so Vernon took it upon himself to avenge his penis through Night Shifting.
by jbaldwintheninja93 July 01, 2010
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A hooker hookin. Typically a prostitute that hides her whoremones from the general public until the Night Shift (a.k.a, work hours)
Aye, I be clockin' dat pimpin ho working' da Night Shift over by dat Indian casino
by Hamburglurer July 17, 2015
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jon: hey david look joey is comming up from virgina lets show him the night shift

David: ok just let me get some one's were going to show him baltimore's best boobs
by freefire July 01, 2009
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A Hentai Anime based on a perverted Gynecologist that is hired to have sex with various nurses in a hospital in preparation for a 'special' ward: a brothel.

The series contains around 10 episodes, the last few being re-caps that look back at previous un-discovered events following the doctor's murder (in the form of criminal investigation and interrogations of the nurses).

It is often considered to be one of the most intense hentais, due to:

-The huge focus on scat, BDSM, and anal sex.
-The infamous 'egg scene', where numerous eggs are inserted into a nurses's vagina and later 'mashed' with the doctor's penis, then orgasm'd out.
-Water-bloating fetish.
-Human waste (scat) consumption fetish.
-The sharp transition between innocence to downright whore-like mentality of the nurses in short amounts of time.
-The focus on domination over once innocent, 'good' nurses.

It has been suggested from numerous sources that only a few viewers have finished the series without turning it off, due to disgust at some point.
"Man...I watched that hentai about the nurses you leant me, and I couldn't even finish my breakfast eggs this morning."

"Night Shift Nurses- isn't that the one really disturbing hentai everyone mentions?"
by Stiffofdeth November 28, 2007
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As referenced in the Siouxsie and the Banshees song, "Night Shift," "Night Shift Sisters" are prostitutes, as they are known for working at night, and are, for the most part, females who have built a sense of camaraderie, or sisterhood.
My Night Shift Sisters
Await your nightly visitor
They don't bother me
No they don't bother me

My Night Shift Sisters
With your nightly visitor
A new vocation in life
My love with a knife

"Night Shift" ~ Siouxsie and the Banshees
by JuniperTreeGrammarNazi April 27, 2014
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