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A terrible movie that has become a phenomenon. The reason why is because parents are too protective and sheltering of their kids nowadays, and middle school kids and anyone younger is curious and asking questions about what high school is like. Instead of using more realistic movies based on high school life like Fast Times At Ridgemont High or Superbad, they use this shit as an example. This movie makes them super happy and optimistic, they become obsessed with it, which has made it probably the most overrated and overmarketed movies of all time.

This is probably one of the main reasons why High School Freshmen have a tendency to act so retarded, because they are convinced that High School is like some 'fairy tale musical'. High School students should(hopefully) know better.

Anyone over the age of 14 who likes this movie should be slapped.

12 year old: OMG!!!! I can't wait for high school now that i've just watched High School Musical!!!! There won't be any labels, all the cliques and crowds will live in harmony, I can share my secrets and no one will humiliate me, it will be just like a happy fairy tale. =D

The most misleading shit ever.
by Kareem Jahlid September 30, 2007
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A movie that sadly went on to make two sequels.

It's about a bunch of teenagers exploring their sexual preferences through song and dance. Quite frankly if I was to inherit a copy of this filth, I would incinerate it ASAP.

Me: Why must you be alive?
by PlatinumMagnum September 26, 2009
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A stupid movie on Disney that children watch because they think Zac Efron is apparently hot and the movie is obviously incorrect because of how they show theater geeks as snobby and mean, which in making the future theater geeks as snobby brats.
IDIOT 1 WATCHING HSM: OMG, High School Musical is such an inspiration to make me a total idiot in the theater world!! I am going to act just like Sharpay and Ryan when I get into High School!!

COURTNEY WATCHING HSM: I can't believe I liked this crap.
by The Complete Idiot August 07, 2008
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1. A shitty movie series made by disney which is just a rip-off of grease. It is basically about teens in high school who sing songs forever. Zac Effron and all his other gay guy friends had a song in the recent and final movie "high school musical 3: senior year" were singing a song in their basketball outfits in a huddle how "this is the last chance to win it all" and singing all gay shit. Ashley Tisdale acting like a menustral bitch whore and all their female lesbo friends are acting all slutty and that.

2. "Horrible Singing Musical"

Guy 1: Hey have you seen high school musical 3?

Guy 2: Yeah it is so gay and fucked up...I hate it!

Guy 1: Me too! Zac Effron and those gay guys are so perverted and loosers.

Guy 2: Yeah and Disney is fucking lazy to rip off grease by making HSM.


Guy 1: Hey whats a good Abbreviation Re-creation of High School Musical?

Guy 2: "Horrible Singing Musical"

Guy 1: LOL!!!!
by Anonymous120663 November 19, 2008
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High School Musical is so unrealistic. People aren't suddenly going to break out in song and do a little dance. Disney chooses all the 'pretty' and 'hot' people to be in it just so that mindless little 10 year olds will be drawn in by the 'pretty' people.

The characters are totally self-centered. The song "Fabulous" from the 2nd movie is proof.

Most people end up thinking that this will happen in real life. BUT IT WON'T.

Any freakin' idiot who thinks that High School Musical is "awesome" or "the actors are so hot" or anything else needs to get a life.
Absentminded person: ZOMG!!!I LOVE YOU ZAC EFFRON!!! MARRY ME!!!

Another absentminded person: The actors portray their characters so well. I want to learn to sing just like Sharpay!

A person with a brain: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SUCKS!! You are retarded.
by Lilyth September 16, 2009
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An awful trilogy of movies marketed by Disney. I think they're supposed to be some knock-off, kid friendly, version of Fame, or Grease (not that Grease was anything special to begin with). Has a regrettably catchy soundtrack, and shows a diamond ecnrusted version of highschool. Take close notice, if you're ever unfortunate enough to lay eyes upon the thing, that most of the kids are white, rich, and preppy. Often induces vomiting, bleeding of the ears and/or eyes, and permanent mental trauma. Consult your doctor before viewing these films.
Eight Year Old Girl: Mommy! High School Musical is on! I want to be just like Gabriella when I grow up!

Mother: Oh, where did I go wrong?
by Ocean_Potion_Malfunction February 22, 2009
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High school musical is a crappy Disney movie about a bunch of delusional teenagers that break out into song and dance randomly. The only people who enjoy this movie are those teeny boppers.
I fear for the future of our world. These high school musical-watching teeny boppers are going to become our future >_>
by HelloSabby February 10, 2009
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