A machine or device used to accelerate subatomic particles at extremely fast speeds using electric fields. It can even separate components of atoms!
kevin - Dude that was some serious crap you just proved.

jay - I dedicate my credit to the particle accelerator!

kevin - You mean you seriously jerked that neutron!?!?

jay - Yup. I'll teach you how to jerk. (if ya want)
by Twinkymobile October 25, 2009
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The act of recieving oral, pulling out and dick slapping someone at such a high velocity, that particles in the penis collide with those in the face of the person whomst is giving oral. creating a black hole which swallows the whole universe.
"I gave me bird the ol' particle accelerator yesterday"

"How was it?"

by Theresmilkonthecat February 15, 2017
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The 4 by 4 123 abc Infinite cum waves are move at rapid speeds because of the 2 by 2 xbox 360 live membership converter which is the meiosis of the mitochondria
Person A: Hey how are you doing?

Person B: Cum wave particle accelerator

Person A: I agree
by Punanijesus February 27, 2021
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When you're banging a chick and she's getting bored, just grab her by the ankles, stand her up on her head and ram your five digit fuck friend down her fudge factory, thus causing her cum closet to quiver in delight.

Also see the Inverted Show Stopper for less adventurous sexual partners.
Oh shit! What happened to your hand dude!

Well, I gave Karen the inverted particle accelerator on Tuesday and she came so hard her chocolate coated cock crimper broke every bone in my hand.
by Whirlybird McFartsalot March 24, 2021
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You and your friend stand at opposite ends of a long hall, you then start accelerating towards them unti you collide with them. The game is named after particle accelerators which accelerate particle packets to near light speed before sending them into each other.
Hey Joe want to play the particle accelerator game?
Mark got a broken nose from playing the particle accelerator game with Joe yesterday.
by special_relativity October 30, 2021
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