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The world's most effective antidepressant. Unfortunately only seems to work well for males.
Last night I was depressed, but half a container of vaseline and I felt fine!
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
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The stuff Ron Jeremy uses to lube his asscrack before he fucks himself.
Royce uses vaseline on his lips because guys dont like it when they get head from dry mouths
by DoOsHtArD September 04, 2004
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Vaseline is a lubricant for masturbation.
Vaseline is a lubriant for masturbation.
by Flared January 05, 2007
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1. n: Lubricant, used to make your teeth shiny and gums or lips healthy.
2. v: To rub someone the wrong way.
3. n: Great addition to toast.
4. n: Other lubricant uses, others on the site got to explain that already.
5. n/adj: A suave gent.
1. A vaseline smile is a tasty smile.
2. Bank Robberies have a way of vseline-ing innocent citizens, especially bankers.
3. Kathy: I'll give you toast if you take me shopping.
Terrance: No!
Kathy: The toast has a wonderful spread of vaseline.
Terrance: Get your jacket, I'll grab the toast.
4. Vaseline for jacking off is just "whack".
5. 'Terrance' mentioned above in Example 3 is quite vaseline-ish when it comes to his toast, dampened with vaseline.
by El Barto May 11, 2004
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The wonderful petroleum jelly that peeps love to use for their crusty dusty knees or grodi lil lips.
Ayy Malika, boi you need some vaseline for them ashy knees.
by VaselineenilesaV January 09, 2019
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