A horror and dark fantasy manga and anime (Japanese animation) series by Sui Ishida. A short, spoiler-free summary of Tokyo Ghoul: The story takes place in a world where human-like monsters that eat humans (ghouls) exist alongside humans. The first season has 12 episodes. The second season, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, also has 12 episodes. Tokyo Ghoul's anime has gotten high viewer rankings and Tokyo Ghoul's manga was also the fourth best-selling manga of 2014.
"Even though I don't like gore and horror, I really enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul. Its plot was fast-paced and exciting."
by kurokocchi May 2, 2015
An emotional train wreck that should be avoided if you wish to keep your feelings.
Person One: Have you seen Episode Twelve of Tokyo Ghoul √A?
Person Two: How dare you!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT HAS DONE TO MY SOUL!?
by Spare Thy Feels March 27, 2015
Person one: I was thinking I might watch Tokyo ghoul it looks goo-
by February 23, 2021
Noob anime. pro manga
Some guy: Did you watch Tokyo Ghoul?
by SkyDose April 27, 2020
the reason that i both want to die and dont want to die.
man 1: hey i'm gonna start watching tokyo ghoul

man 2: *starts crying*
A good show that you wish you never watched as your knuckles now hurt a lot from cracking them Kaneki/Jason/Naki style. It makes you emo even if you are always happy. Very confusing but fast paced...
Person 1:I loved Tokyo ghoul:re it was so amazing and the ending was so sweet like whe-
Person 2: spoil it for me and I will torture you like Jason did to kaneki...
by half of someone m January 5, 2020
Someone/something that messes with your emotions until you end up in a mental hospital
"Did you hear about that kid? Someone Tokyo ghouled him! I can't believe he ended up there!"
by Not So Normal Fangirl March 27, 2015